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Trivia Deck - Star Trek Actors Filmographies

    Star Trek actor Brent Spiner filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for Brent Spiner

Date of Birth - February 2, 1949
Place of Birth - Houston, Texas, USA

Most Famous Role(s) Other Than Star Trek:
- Independence Day as Dr. Brackish Okun

Trivia About the Actor:
- Released CD titled "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" based on an old crooner song of the '40s.
- Has played five different members of the Soong family.


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Brent Spiner Filmography 
Stardust Memories (1980) - Starring as Fan in Lobby
Plot Summary
  A director named Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) is a man who doesn't want to make goofball comedies anymore, and it seems that the comedies are all that society wants from him. He's unhappy because his first "serious" film isn't well recieved by the public. He decides to stay a weekend at a hotel to reflect upon his life while a festival showcasing his films is occuring. Meanwhile, he encounters groups of his fans who ask for autographs, compliment him on his "early funnies", his style of filmmaking, and he encounters a beautiful woman named Dorrie (Charlotte Rampling), whom of which he falls in love with.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1981) - Starring as Corinne Burns's boss
Plot Summary
  Corrine Burns (Diane Lane) starts up a band, The Fabulous Stains, after her mother's death. Though utterly devoid of talent, she gets them on a tour with a washed-out glam-rock group and a rising British punk band called the Looters , radically changes her appearance, and then attracts a cult following with national media attention. Laura Dern stars as Jessica McNeil.
- Corinne Burns's boss is a small role that is only seen in the first two minutes of the movie through a retrospective from a TV documentary host.
Tales from the Darkside (1984) (TV) - Starring as Reverend Peabody in "A Case of the Stubborns"
Plot Summary
  Tales from the Darkside was a weekly half hour horror series. The show ran from it's Halloween 1983 pilot episode until 1988, with a total of 90 episodes in all.

  This episode is about about a man who denies the fact that he's dead.
Hill Street Blues (1985) (TV) - Starring as Larry Stein in "The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr."
Plot Summary
  This 1981 to1987 cop-drama was about an overworked, under-staffed police precinct. It showcased the lives of the beat and traffic cops to the captain of the precinct.

  In this episode it's the anniversary of legalized abortion and a pro-life activist accidentally sends a 5-month pregnant woman into premature labor. Tensions are high at the O'Neill housing project, as the first of four black families move in. Fay and Garibaldi resent Goldblume's relationship with Gina. Jablonski can't get his 300 game sanctioned by the Bowling Federation.
The New Twilight Zone (1986) (TV) - Starring as the Draft Dodger in "Dead Run"
Plot Summary
  The TV series originally ran from 1959 to 1964. Rod Serling hosted a bizarre and always twisted half hour story about anything you could possibly imagine.

  In this episode an out-of-work trucker takes on a bizarre job as a deliveryman of souls to Hell. He soon begins to realize that Hell is essentially out of control, running on momentum, and that the current regime is way too harsh. He decides to begin choosing which among the supposed "damned" should try to make their way to Heaven.
Mama's Family (1986) (TV) - Starring as Billy Bob Conroy in "Fangs a Lot, Mama" and in "Farewell, Frannie"
Plot Summary
  Vint announces he's been invited to join the The Mystical Order of the Cobra.Naomi is excited at first, but Mama tells her the story of a woman whose husband joined and soon ended up leaving her.Vint needs crib notes, which Mama,not wanting Vint to make it in,changes the cards with her recipes. She takes away Vint's crib cards after he misses his first two questions and they mistake the cards as her's and they hiss Mama out. In the end Vint gets in after getting the last question correct.
Hunter (1986) (TV) - Starring as Vaughn in "The Contract"
Plot Summary
  Rick Hunter (Fred Dryer) is a cop, who has a few things going against him. He accidentally injures all his partners and some of his family members are mobsters. Hunter teams up with Dee Dee McCall (Stepfanie Kramer). After six seasons, Stepfanie left the show.
Cheers (1987) (TV) - Starring as Bill Grand in "Never Love a Goalie: Part 2"
Plot Summary
  A top hit sitcom from 1982, Cheers is the bar where the TV show mostly takes place. Sam Malone was the owner and bartender for most of the earlier shows.

- In this second of a two part episode, Carla becomes convinced that she's a jinx to her boyfriend Eddie LeBec.
- Bill Grand is an acquitted murder suspect in Diane's court case where she is a is foreman of the jury in the trial.
Sledge Hammer! (1987) (TV) - Starring as a Soldier in "The Spa Who Loved Me"
Plot Summary
  Sledge Hammer (David Rasche) is the ultimate tough cop with a big gun, a parody of the type popularized by Clint Eastwood in the "Dirty Harry" films. His cases are usually solved by his female partner, Dori Doreau (Anne-Marie Martin), if she can only keep him from being suspended for shooting someone with his giant pearl-handled .44 Magnum.

  In this episode, Sledge discovers the identity of a group threatening to detonate a nuclear warhead.
Night Court (1987) (TV) - Starring as Bob Wheeler in 5 episodes
Plot Summary
  The show was about Manhattan night court judge Harry T. Stone (Harry Anderson). Although he came across as a jokester, Harry was a highly successful judge with a sense of fair play. He had a fondness for faded blue jeans and singer Mel Tormé. The supporting cast included John Larroquette as Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding, who was always trying to score with the ladies and Richard Moll as Bull Shannon the extremely large bailiff.
- Bob Wheeler was a patriarch of a family of West Virginia hicks.
Mad About You (1995) (TV) - Starring as Bob, the Dog Agent in "Just My Dog"
Plot Summary
  A sitcom where Jaime (Helen Hunt) and Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser) are a young couple that have been married for five months and are living together in an apartment in Manhattan. Jamie & Paul are neurotic, but in totally different ways. Paul is a careful and analytic documentary filmmaker, and Jaime is a free spirited, public relations expert.

  This episode is about the tale of Murray's show-biz career. Spawned by a walk-on appearance in a commercial directed by Paul that Murray heads all the way to an audition for a series.
Dream On (1996) (TV) - Starring as Dr. Strongwater in "The Spirit of 76th & Park"
Plot Summary
  This is a comedy about Martin Tupper (Brian Benben), who is divorced, living with his teenage son, still friends with his ex-wife, constantly looking for dates and is a book editor with a ditsy, secretary. This series uses clips from old films for Martin's reactions (hence the title) and has many sexual references, with occasional swearing and nudity.

  In this episode, Martin moves into Judith's high-tech apartment.
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