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    Star Trek actor J.G. Hertzler filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for J.G. Hertzler

Date of Birth - March 18, 1949
Place of Birth - Savannah, Georgia, USA
Height - 5' 11½" (1.82 m)

Most Famous Role(s) Other Than Star Trek:
- Zorro TV series as Alcalde Ignacio de Soto

Trivia About the Actor:
- Full name is John Garman Hertzler.


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J.G. Hertzler Filmography 
...And Justice for All. (1979) - Starring as The Other Driver
Plot Summary
  Arthur Kirkland, an idealistic defense attorney in Baltimore, cares about his clients and visits his aging grandfather, who put him through law school, every week. Things aren't going well for Arthur: two of his clients are increasingly desperate, neither should be in prison, his partner is behaving bizarrely, he's begun an affair with an attorney who's on the bar's disciplinary committee, his favorite judge may have a death wish, and then, the judge he dislikes most, a by-the-book martinet, demands that Arthur defend him when he's accused of a brutal assault on a young woman. Is there any way to expose real corruption and find justice for all?
Quantum Leap (1990) (TV) - Starring as Weathers Farrington in "Sea Bride - June 3, 1954"
Plot Summary
  In this sci-fi series that ran from 1989 to 1993, Dr. Sam Beckett tries to travel in time using a Quantum Leap accelerator. He gets trapped in the past, in other peoples bodies and leaps from life to life to change history for the better. His guide Al (Dean Stockwell) is from his own time and is a hologram only Sam can see or hear. The show ran 60 minutes each for 97 episodes and it won 2 Golden Globes among others.
Highlander: The Series (1993) (TV) - Starring as Marcus Korolus in "See No Evil"
Plot Summary
  Taken from the film, Highlander, Duncan MacLeod, clansman of Connor in the film also finds he is being stalked by not only other immortals trying to kill him before the time of the gathering, but also a secret society of mortals who call themselves 'The Watchers' and also seem intent on killing him. Duncan and the other immortals can only be killed by decapitation and often live for centuries.
See No Evil, Duncan (Adrian Paul) goes after "The Scalper," a serial killer who preys on blonde women. The murderer is either patterning himself after an insane Immortal Duncan thought he disposed of over 68 years ago -- or he is that selfsame Immortal back in business. Tessa ( Alexandra Van Der Noot) volunteers to act as bait to draw out The Scalper, but Richie unwittingly messes up the trap.
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1994) (TV) - Starring as Edward Hayes/Myron Stempler in "Bounty Hunters' Convention"
Plot Summary
  Brisco County Jr. (Bruce Campbell) is the son of the famous marshal. He's a bounty hunter and lawyer, sworn to bring his fathers killer in. It was eventually revealed that tjhe criminal was from the future who had come back in time to get some Orbs.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1994) (TV) - Starring as Captain Burgoyne in "The Washington Affair: Parts 1 and 2"
Plot Summary

  The fifth daughter of a wealthy Boston physician, Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour) defies the conventions of post-Civil War society by following in her father's footsteps. After his death, 'Dr. Mike' leaves Boston and moves to the frontier town of Colorado Springs, where she finds the citizens less than thrilled by the concept of a woman doctor. While she struggles to earn their trust, Mike's life is complicated by a growing relationship with mountain man Byron Sully, and the unexpected responsibility of raising three orphaned children.

 In this episode, Dr Mike fights against the corrupt Washington politicians who have sentenced Sully to death as an Army deserter : and discovers a plot to kidnap the President of the United States in the process. Conclusion of a two-part story, starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1996) (TV) - Starring as Trey in "Battleground Earth" and "Lord of the Flys"
Plot Summary

  With the unknowing help of Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), Clark Kent (Dean Cain) fights crime in and around Metropolis. The rest of the cast includes Perry White, the chief editor, Catherine Grant (Tracy Scoggins), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen and arch villain Lex Luthor.

  In Battleground Earth, Lord Nor still has Smallville under his control. Worse, he has managed to take Clark prisoner for treason, as he purposefully never consummated his marriage to Zara (Justine Bateman) and has no intention to ever fulfilling his duty. The council sentences him to banishment. Just as he is about to be gone for good, a loophole in the system is found which states that Clark can challenge Lord Nor to a duel. While all this is going on, the military has other plans. They are convinced that the Kryptonians plan to take over earth and they have decided to kill them all, even if Superman might also be injured or die.

  In Lord of the Flys, Lois and Clark misses each other dearly. En route to New Krypton, Clark learns that the evil Lord Nor is out to conquer earth, starting with Smallville, Kansas. The military has no way to thwart his plans. The Kryptonians head back to earth. Clark briefly meets Lois after he lands after which the two decide to go to Smallville to rescue the Kents and the rest of the world.

The Prophecy II (1998) - Starring as Father William
Plot Summary
 Gabriel returns to Earth to prevent the birth of a child conceived by one of his kind (the Angel Daniel) and one of God's "monkeys" (a human woman - Valerie). The coming of this child has been prophecised by a monk, Thomas. When the Angel Daniel kills members of Gabriel's army of angels, Gabriel instead employs the assistance of a teenage girl (Izzy) who has just committed suicide. Gabriel keeps her alive to assist him in his war against Daniel and the other angels which climaxes in a battle in Eden.
Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) (TV) - Starring as Ridley Scott
Plot Summary
  Biographical look at the men who founded Apple and Microsoft and a look at the early days of the companies. Noah Wyle and Joey Slotnick portray Apple founders Steve Job and Steve Wozniak. Anthony Michael Hall and John DiMaggio play Microsoft's Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. The film attempts to compare the two firm's operations and differences in the founder's operations.
Charmed (2000) (TV) - Starring as a Council Member in "Be Careful What You Witch For"
Plot Summary

  The three Halliwell sisters (Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan) discover that they are descendents of a line of female witches. Each has a special ability (stopping time, moving objects, seeing the future), and they can also combine their abilities into the "Power of Three" to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils.

  In this episode, the Council of evil beings assigns a Genie to trick the Halliwell sisters with three wishes and make them vulnerable to the Killer of witches Dragon Warlock.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (2000) (TV) - Starring as Plato in "Double Time"
Plot Summary
  Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) is sent by her parents to live with her Aunt Hilda (Sherry Miller) and her Aunt Zelda (Charlene Fernetz), where finds out on her sixteenth birthday that she is actually a witch.

  In this episode, Sabrina casts a spell to speed herself up. Zelda takes a position as a prof at the college.
Roswell (2000) (TV) - Starring as Mr. Lafeber in "Ask Not"
Plot Summary
  Living in Roswell are four who are not there by choice, and are there to follow a destiny given to them by the members of their dying race. Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding are human/alien hybrids, sent here as replacements for the royalty of an alien race. The teens hid their gifts until Max healed a classmate after she was fatally shot in the stomach. It is a distinctly science-fiction show built on the relationships between humans and aliens.

  In this episode, Brody Davis, the mysterious new curator at the UFO Museum has the group on edge, and Michael and Isabel plotting his demise.
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