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Trivia Deck - Star Trek Actors Filmographies

    Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for Jonathan Frakes

Date of Birth - August 19, 1952
Place of Birth - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
Height - 6' 4" (1.93 m)

Trivia About the Actor:
- Nickname: "Two-Takes Frakes," for his efficient filming style on the set.
- He has directed two Star Trek movies.
- His trademark beard was acquired during the filming of "North and South, Book II"


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Jonathan Frakes Filmography 
The Dukes of Hazzard (1981) (TV) - Starring as Jamie Lee Hogg in "Mrs. Daisy Hogg"
Plot Summary
  Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) Duke were cousins living with their Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) and cousin Daisy (Catherine Bach) on a farm in Hazzard County. While mostly interested in driving fast in their Dodge Charger called the General Lee, the Duke boys sometimes thwarted Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane.

  In this episode, Boss Hogg's rich, polite nephew Jamie Lee comes to Hazzard to buy off the grits mill. Daisy and Jamie Lee become sweet on each other and fall in love. However, Bo and Luke go to extremes to find something wrong with Jamie Lee who turns out to be a counterfeiter.
Hill Street Blues (1982) (TV) - Starring as Eddie Sims in "Of Mouse and Man"
Plot Summary
  This 1981 to1987 cop-drama was about an overworked, under-staffed police precinct. It showcased the lives of the beat and traffic cops to the captain of the precinct. It starred Daniel J. Travanti as Capt. Frank Furillo, among others.

  In this episode, Joyce's fellow PD Pam Gilliam is gunned down; Hill's position as VP for the Black Officers' Coalition puts a strain on both him and Renko; Goldblume tries to deal with an abusive landlord; Fay threatens to bring WAD to the Hill; LaRue and Washington trade up from a cocaine dealer to a PCP lab.
Quincy M.E. (1982) (TV) - Starring as a Doctor in "A Ghost of a Chance"and as Leon Bohannon in "The Face of Fear"
Plot Summary
  Quincy (Jack Klugman) was a crusading Medical Examiner in Los Angeles, who was always capable of finding something that everyone else missed with the help of his assisstant Sam (Robert Ito).
North and South (1985) (TV Mini-series) - Starring as Stanley Hazard
Plot Summary
  Based on John Jakes best selling novel this is the story of the friendship between George Hazard and Orry Main (Patrick Swayze) after they meet at West Point. George is from a wealthy Pennsylvania steel family and Orry is from a Southern plantation where his family keep slaves. In the years leading up to the Civil War their friendship is tested as their families interact and hostilities between the North and South increase.
The New Twilight Zone (1985) (TV) - Starring as Single Guy in "But Can She Type?" segment
Plot Summary

  The new series aired from Sept. 1985 to April 1989 and like the original, was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic. They may be scary or just thought-provoking, but most episodes have unexpected endings and a moral lesson.

North and South, Book II (1986) (TV Mini-series) - Starring as Stanley Hazard
Plot Summary

  George Hazard and Orry Main (Patrick Swayze) are on two opposite sides of a Civil War, that has just started. But for twenty years they have been best friends. While, the men are fighting, women must take care of their houses. But not all the people are good and honest. Elkanah Bent, a big enemy of George and Orry, with a help form Orry's sister; Ashton, smuggle precious goods from Europe. George's brother and sister-in-law want to become rich from the war. Times get harder and harder.

Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III (1994) (TV Mini-series) - Starring as Stanley Hazard
Plot Summary
  This is the final installment in John Jakes trilogy of the Civil War. It focuses on the Reconstruction period and the continuing saga of the Hazards (from the North) and the Mains (from the South). Both families face the deaths of loved ones at the hands of old enemies. The action moves to the old west as Charles Main (Kyle Chandler)
Camp Nowhere (1994) - Starring as Bob Spiegel
Plot Summary
  This is a comedy about a summer camp that was designed by the campers themselves. Mud Himmel has to attend computer camp, Zack has to go to military camp, Trish is heading towards theater camp, and Gaby is going to fat camp. So, they create their own camp. Dennis Van Welker (Christopher Lloyd), their crazy high school drama instructor, offers to act as camp counselor. Just as it looks as if they are going to get away with it, their classmates find out about the camp and decide to go along. For a time it's one big chaotic party. But as the kids act out their camp fantasies, they are gaining valuable insight into their lives.
Wings (1994) (TV) - Starring as Gavin Rutledge in "All's Fare"
Plot Summary

  A small airport terminal on the island of Nantucket was used as the main backdrop. Brothers Joe and Brian Hackett, both pilots, ran Sandpiper Air. Thier mutual best friend since childhood was Helen, a beautiful aspiring concert cellist who ran the lunch counter. The other regulars included, Faye who ran the ticket counter; Lowell Mather, the eccentric airport mechanic and Roy, the loud mouth who ran Aeromass.

  In this episode, Antonio becomes the personal assistant to Gavin Rutledge.Uncomfortable at seeing Gavin dating Casey,Antonio finds out Gavin is married and tells Casey about Gavin.
- Gavin Rutledge is a businessman visiting Nantucket for a week on a real estate deal.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1995) (TV) - Starring as Tim Lake in "Don't Tug on Superman's Cape"
Plot Summary
  With the unknowing help of Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), Clark Kent (Dean Cain) fights crime in and around Metropolis. The rest of the cast includes Perry White, the chief editor, Catherine Grant (Tracy Scoggins), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen and arch villain Lex Luthor.

  In this episode, Lois and Clark agree to stop thinking of marriage for the time being. Meanwhile, Bad Brain Johnson has escaped jail and is targeting Lois. In reality, someone else is using him and his inventions to capture Superman while Lois is just a bait.
Roswell (1999-2001) (TV) - Starring as Himself in 3 episodes
Plot Summary
  Living in Roswell are four who are not there by choice, and are there to follow a destiny given to them by the members of their dying race. Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding are human/alien hybrids, sent here as replacements for the royalty of an alien race. The teens hid their gifts until Max healed a classmate after she was fatally shot in the stomach. It is a distinctly science-fiction show built on the relationships between humans and aliens.
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