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    Star Trek actor Rene Auberjonois filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for Rene Auberjonois

Date of Birth - June 1, 1940
Place of Birth - New York, New York, USA
Height - 6' (1.83 m)

Most Famous Role(s) Other Than Star Trek:
- M*A*S*H movie as Father Mulcahey

Trivia About the Actor:
- His mother was Princess Laure Louise Napoléone Eugénie Caroline Murat.
- Taught acting at Juilliard.
- Turned down the role of Bosley in Charlie's Angels.


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Rene Auberjonois Filmography 
My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1988) - Starring as Modoc
Plot Summary
  In Houston, the teenager Jeremy Capello (Robert Sean Leonard) is a middle-class boy, who lives with his parents and has Ralph as his best friend. He has a crush on Darla Blake (Cheryl Pollak)and works making deliveries for a supermarket. He is seduced by customer Nora (Cecilia Peck) and while having intercourse with her, is transformed into a vampire. His friend Ralph is chased by two vampire hunters, Prof. Leopold McCarthy (David Warner) and his assistant Grimsdyke (Paul Wilson), while Jeremy learns how to use his new powers.
- Modoc pops into Jeremy's bedroom to tell him he's a vampire and to teach him how to use his powers.
Matlock (1992-1993) (TV) - Starring as Doug Michaels in "The Play" and as Leo Brodsky in "The Assassination"
  Andy Griffith played Matlock in the murder-mystery series about an unassuming, but very crafty, Harvard-educated lawyer that always seemed to prove his client innocent, often with some last-minute, Earth-shattering, courtroom revelation.

  In The Divorce Matlock takes on the high profile case of a television reporter accused of murdering his former wife. The case is complicated when his daughter Charlene develops feelings for the accused killer.
Batman Forever (1995) - Starring as Dr. Burton
Plot Summary
  This is the third installment where Batman (Val Kilmer), ponders dreams about his parents' death and escapes his own near-demise at the hands of Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones). Meanwhile, psychologist Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) tries to analyze and seduce both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Wayne Enterprises employee Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey) becomes the Riddler and teams up with Two-Face to drain the minds of Gotham City residents with his mind-sucking device. Batman and Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell), who ends up being Robin, and was also orphaned by Two-Face.
- Dr. Burton is a psychologist at the Arkham Asylum where The Riddler is held in a straight jacket and Chase Meridian visits him at the end of the movie. This is a cameo role where Dr. Burton walks her to Riddler's cell.

The New Outer Limits (1998) (TV) - Starring as Dlavan in "Promised Land"
Plot Summary
  The New Outer Limits aired from 1995-2002 and is in the tradition of the classic anthology series. It brings back the bizarre, frightening, and disturbing while pushing the imagination to its farthest reaches.
- In this episode an interstellar war kills most of Earth's population and people escaped from labor camp find a houseful of aliens close by while the alien family sees odd beings outside.

 In this episode, Dlavan and his family are aliens called the Tsal-Khan. They are the offspring of the aliens who remained on Earth after the war with the human race. Today they live on a tightly guarded farm where they must grow all their own food, since all the plants were poisoned during the war with mankind.
Inspector Gadget (1999) - Starring as Professor Artemus Bradford
Plot Summary

  John Brown (Matthew Broderick) is a security guard who dreams of becoming the world's greatest police officer. Circumstances make him the ideal candidate for a top secret law enforcement project, and scientist Dr. Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher) applies her expertise in robotics to build him into a cybernetic man with many grafted-on gizmos and doohickies to bust bad guys, the often clueless Inspector Gadget must penetrate Riverton City's darkest underworld, and save not only his good name and reputation, but also rescue the world from the nefarious Claw (Rupert Everett).
- Artemus Bradford was a robotics mayvin and was murdered right at the outset of the film. Brenda is his daughter and she utilizes his work to create Inspector Gadget.

Chicago Hope (1999) (TV) - Starring as Dr. Walter Kerry in "Oh What a Piece of Work Is Man"
Plot Summary

  This is a medical drama in soap-opera style. Surgeons Jeffrey Geiger and Aaron Shutte battle valiantly for their patients, often coming into conflict with the hospital administration, run by Dr. Phillip Watters. Their cases are usually ethically complex, highly sensationalistic, and very melodramatic. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Aaron, who are best friends, commiserate about the shambles their tumultuous personal lives have become.

  In this episode, a visiting pediatric surgeon with Tourette's syndrome clashes with Geiger over operating on an infant. Wilkes is confronted by a coroner who claims to have Einstein's brain.

The West Wing (1999) (TV) - Starring as Press Conference Extra in "In Excelsis Deo"
Plot Summary
  The inner-workings of Presidential politics, this show takes viewers inside the White House and follows the lives of the staff as they help the President (Martin Sheen) make crucial decisions that shape the nation and the world around it.

  In this episode, Toby tries to arrange a proper funeral for a homeless veteran; Josh and Sam try to set up a preemptive strike against Lillienfield, who is attacking Leo because of his prior drug and alcohol problem; CJ tries to get the staff to revisit the hate crimes issue; Bartlet sneaks out to do some last minute shopping.
- The press conference extra role is quick, and happens when the House Government Oversight Committee called a press conference to announce that "one in three" White House staffers regularly uses drugs. He's with the other reporters.
The Patriot (2000) - Starring as Reverend Oliver
Plot Summary
  In the late 18th century in South Carolina, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is a War veteran and a widower raising seven children. His oldest son Gabriel, joins the American forces fighting the British in the war for independence, only to get wounded carrying dispatches between commanders. Martin's second son is killed trying to free Gabriel as he is taken prisoner which forces Martin to first free his son with the help of his 2 younger sons and then join up. Martin leads farmers and ex-Indian fighters to defeat the British and get revenge on the one who killed his sons.
- Reverend Oliver, a man of God willing to fight and die with his congregation. He is the clergyman who marries Gabriel Martin and Anne Howard. He also joins the Militia, fighting alongside Gabriel and Benjamin Martin.
Stargate SG-1 (2000) (TV) - Starring as Alar in "The Other Side"

  Stargate SG-1 is based on the 1994 film Stargate. The Stargates allow travelers on foot to cross the vast distances of space in an instant. The show focuses on the team to explore other worlds and defend Earth against alien threats. SG-1 is set in the present day, is based on Earth, and primarily involves humans.

  In this episode, SG-1 delivers humanitarian aid to the Eurondans, which are aliens, who have been devastated by war, and must ask for military assistance against their enemy.
- Alar is the Eurondan's representative and the one who calls for help. He is one of many genetically "pure" aliens fighting a race cleansing war.

Frasier (2001) (TV) - Starring as Doctor William Tewksbury in "The Wizard and Roz" and "Frasier's Edge"
Plot Summary
  Frasier (Kelsey Grammer), is a psychiatrist and a former Cheers bar patron. He moved from Boston to Seattle to host an advice talk show. Frasier lives with his ex-cop father, Martin and his personal home-care provider, Daphne. He also has a neurotic brother, Niles, and works with a producer named Roz.

  In The Wizard and Roz, Frasier sees Dr Tewksesbury in a new light after he becomes involved with Roz and Frasier catches him in Roz's bathrobe because Tewksbury slept with Roz. Niles and Daphne test her psychic ability scientifically when Niles doesn't believe Daphne is psychic, and calls a spookologist.

  In Frasier's Edge, Frasier receives a lifetime achievement award, and begins to question what he has achieved in life so he goes to see Dr Tewkesbury. The episode also starts off the joke about Daphne growing fatter in order to disguise Jane Leeves' real-life pregnancy.
- Dr Tewkesbury is Frasier's old psychology professor and mentor from Harvard.
The Practice (2000) (TV) - Starring as Judge F. Mantz in "Pro Se" and "We Hold These Truths"
Plot Summary
  This weekly television series is similar to other lawyer shows, but with a twist. Here, we follow the exploits and cases of defense attorneys of a Boston law firm.
Eulogy (2004) - Starring as Parson Banks
Plot Summary
  Kate Collins (Zooey Deschanel) is the most normal in her family. When her grandfather (Rip Torn) dies, she and her dysfunctional family converge for the funeral, including her dad Daniel (Hank Azaria), lesbian Aunt Lucy (Kelly Preston) and her fiancée Judy (Famke Janssen), Uncle Skip (Ray Romano) and Aunt Alice (Debra Winger). In the days leading up to the funeral, family secrets are revealed, old grudges resurface and the household erupts with renewed vigor.
Boston Legal (2004-2007) (TV) - Starring as Paul Lewiston in at least 67 episodes
Plot Summary
  James Spader and William Shatner are among a brigade of high-priced litigators at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. One of the founding law partners, Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen), has been coaxed back to the Boston law firm to help bring order to the chaotic office. She keeps a vigilant eye on everybody, but especially Denny Crane because of a their history together.
- Paul Lewiston is a senior partner and watches out for the firms business and reputation. His loyalty to Denny Crane is tested when Denny's actions run contrary to the best interests of the firm. Paul's wife passed away from cancer. His daughter, Rachel became a meth addict.
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