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    Star Trek actor Rene Auberjonois filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for Rene Auberjonois

Date of Birth - June 1, 1940
Place of Birth - New York, New York, USA
Height - 6' (1.83 m)

Most Famous Role(s) Other Than Star Trek:
- M*A*S*H movie as Father Mulcahey

Trivia About the Actor:
- His mother was Princess Laure Louise Napoléone Eugénie Caroline Murat.
- Taught acting at Juilliard.
- Turned down the role of Bosley in Charlie's Angels.


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Rene Auberjonois Filmography 
M*A*S*H* (1970) - Starring as Father Mulcahy
Plot Summary
  This is the original movie version where 'Hawkeye' Pierce is played by Donald Sutherland, 'Trapper John' is played by Elliott Gould and 'Hot Lips' O'Houlihan is played by Sally Kellerman (*check our celebrity guests for Sally). MASH stands for mobile army surgical hospital, and this unit is in the Korean War around 1951. The movie mostly centers around the doctors Hawkeye and Trapper, while it shows the turmoil of the unit and how each member deals with the horror of war and death in their own humorous way.
- Father Mulcahy is the camps Catholic priest and tries to help anyone in need at the camp. He also holds sermons, helps out in surgery, and takes care of any orphans that he can.
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) - Starring as Sheehan
Plot Summary
  Set in the Old West, John McCabe (Warren Beatty) arrives in a young Pacific Northwest town to set up a whorehouse and tavern. Constance Miller (Julie Christie) is a professional madam that offers to help McCabe run his business, while sharing in the profits. The whorehouse thrives and McCabe and Mrs. Miller draw closer. Soon, however, the mining deposits in the town attract the attention of a major corporation, which wants to buy out McCabe along with the rest. He refuses, and his decision has major repercussions for him, Mrs. Miller, and the town.
Night Gallery (1971) (TV) - Starring as William Sharsted in "Camera Obscura"
Plot Summary
  This was Rod Serling's follow-up to The Twilight Zone. Set in a shadowy museum, Serling unveiled disturbing tales of fantasy and horror.

  In this episode, a heartless banker finds himself trapped and gets his just desserts after viewing his client's strange optical device.

The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) (TV) - Starring as Captain Sir David Edney
Plot Summary
  In the year 1885. after years of retirement Jim West (Robert Conrad), and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) are called in to track down and arrest Michelito Loveless (Paul Williams). He has kidnapped the heads of state of countries from around the world and replaced them with duplicates under his control. West and Gordon must stop him before President Cleveland is replaced, but the job won't be east as the mad scientist has a wide assortment of advanced weapons-ranging from robots to atomic bombs.
King Lear (1974) (TV) - Starring as Edgar
Plot Summary

  Joseph Papp's acclaimed New York Shakespeare Festival production of the Bard's tragedy, putting a new spin on this classic story of one family's vainglorious battle over the affections and favor of an aging monarch. Jones and the production's original cast re-created their roles for this 1974 television special.

The Jeffersons (1975) (TV) - Starring as Inspector Keller in "Harry and Daphne"
Plot Summary

  The TV show focused on the lives of a rich African American couple George and his wife Louise. Together they lived in a ritzy penthouse apartment on Manhattan's East Side with their son, Lionel. They even had their own black housekeeper and a wise-cracking maid named Florence. The show's theme song was, "Movin' on Up!"

 In this episode, the Jeffersons' neighbor Harry Bentley (Paul Benedict) is convinced that his girlfriend, Daphne (Melinda Dillon), wants to propose marriage. He spends the rest of the episode hatching schemes to wriggle out of his predicament. Meanwhile, George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley) has his own problems in the form of a gimlet-eyed building inspector.

Ellery Queen (1975) (TV) - Starring as Marcel Fourchet in "The Adventure of Colonel Niven's Memoirs"
Plot Summary
  Ellery Queen (Jim Hutton) was a mystery writer who assisted his police detective father in solving murders. Queen's methods were arcane and intellectual rather than action oriented, and he always astounded his father by using purely deductive reasoning.
The Bob Newhart Show (1975) (TV) - Starring as Alan Durocher in "Shrinks Across the Sea"
Plot Summary
  The show was about successful Chicago psychologist Bob Hartley (Bob Newhart) and his schoolteacher wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), as they worked through the everyday difficulties facing a married couple.

 In this episode, Bob's participation in a medical foreign-exchange program obliges the Hartleys to play host to an arrogant French psychologist. Neither Bob nor Emily are quite prepared for his "continental" outlook on life. Things come to head when Bob is forced to mediate between the French psychologist and his long-suffering mistress, Louise (Francois Ruggieri).
- Alan Durocher is the arrogant French psychologist that visits the Hartleys, and is also committing adultery.
The Hindenburg (1975) - Starring as Major Napier
Plot Summary

  This film tells the story of the last voyage of the airship Hindenburg in 1937 from Germany to Lakehurst, New York. The story is presented from the various viewpoints of aircrew and passengers, fictionising real passengers for plot purposes and expolring a conspiracy theory as to what caused the disaster whilst setting the events in a historical context. The film incorporates the iconic newsreel coverage of the actual disaster. It stars George C. Scott as Col. Franz Ritter, Anne Bancroft as Ursula, The Countess, and William Atherton as Boerth.

The Big Bus (1976) - Starring as Father Kudos
Plot Summary
  A nuclear powered bus is going non-stop from New York to Denver and is plagued by disasters due to the machinations of a mysterious group allied with the Oil lobby. When the driver is injured, a washed up, down on his luck, but used to be great type, is brought in to drive the giant bus which includes a one lane swimming pool and a bowling alley. With lots of 1908's stars like Stockard Channing, Ned Beatty, Larry Hagman, Sally Kellerman, Richard Mulligan and Lynn Redgrave are on board as well.
King Kong (1976) - Starring as Roy Bagley
Plot Summary
  The owner of Petrox Oil, Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin), invests in an unexplored island. With the stowaway Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges), and castaway Dwan (Jessica Lange) , the group finds that the island is inhabited and the local natives worship a huge gorilla called Kong. Dwan is sacrificed to Kong and the crew hikes into the jungle trying to rescue her. When Fred finds that the oil in the island is not ready for exploitation, he decides to capture Kong and bring him to New York for exhibition. In the middle of a show, King Kong escapes, bringing panic to the city.
Baa Baa Black Sheep (1976) (TV) - Starring as Lieutenant Matthew Hooper in "Small War"
Plot Summary
  The show was based on the real-life experiences of Pappy Boyington (played by Robert Conrad) who was the squadron-leader of a group of fighter pilots stationed on an island in the Pacific, during World War II.

  In this episode, Major Boyington is shot down and lands on a Japanese held island where he meets up with an Australian sailor. Major Boyington discovers the Australian is willing to wait until the allies arrive, which presents Boyington with a conflict since he wants to return to the fight.
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