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    Star Trek actor William Shatner filmography of other acting roles in TV shows and movies with plot summaries, pictures, covers etc.
Nano-Biography for William Shatner

Date of Birth - March 22, 1931
Place of Birth - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height - 5' 9½" (1.77 m)

Most Famous Role(s) Other Than Star Trek:
- T.J. Hooker TV show as the 15-year veteran police sergeant T. J. Hooker.
- Boston Legal as Denny Crane
- Tekwar as Walter H. Bascom

Trivia About the Actor:
- His third wife, Nerine Kidd, accidentally drowned in the swimming pool at their home in Studio City.

- CEO of the Toronto-based Core Digital Effects company that did the effects for the 1996 film Fly Away Home (1996).
- Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983.
- He has released four albums where he "sings" cover tunes.


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William Shatner Filmography 
The Twilight Zone (1960 and 1963) (TV) - Starring as Don Carter in "Nick of Time" and as Bob Wilson in "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
Plot Summary
  The TV Series originally ran from 1959 to 1964. Rod Serling hosted a bizarre and always twisted half hour story about anything you could possibly imagine.

  In "Nick of Time" Newlyweds Don and Pat Carter are traveling by when car trouble forces them to detour, so the couple decide to get lunch at a local diner. At a booth there is a machine on the table called The Mystic Seer. For one penny, the Seer will tell the future. Don is superstitious so he puts a penny in the machine. It foretells the future with 100% accuracy and Don is hooked, maybe for life.
   In "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" Bob Wilson is a former mental patient traveling through rough weather on a passenger plane. As he looks out of the window, he sees a gremlin on the plane's wing. Worrying about his own sanity, he tries to convince himself that he's hallucinating. The gremlin then begins to tear the wing apart. Bob ends up being carried off to a mental institute after repeatedly freaking out, and you are left with an image of the planes wing being damaged. This episode was also in the Twilight Zone movie starring John Lithgow.
Thriller (1961) (TV) - Starring as Paul Graves in "The Grim Reaper" and as Gil Trasker in "The Hungry Glass"
Plot Summary
  Anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that originally told ordinary tales of crime and mystery, but later became a showcase for gothic horror stories, many of which were based on works by authors such as Cornell Woolrich, Robert Bloch and Charlotte Armstrong.

  In The Grim Reaper, a cursed painting of the Grim Reaper lives up to its image, its scythe dripping the blood of its victims.
- Paul Graves is the seemingly concerned nephew. He starts out nice and subdued and then he goes over the edge when he sees blood on the painting. In the closing scenes, Paul is seen cowering from the scythe that is about to kill him.

  In The Hungry Glass, a young couple buy a run-down, old mansion surrounded with legends about the lack of mirrors and the deaths of many former tenants. On their first night in the house, they are frightened by strange visions, inexplicably intertwined with mirrors and glass.
Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) - Starring as Captain Harrison Byers
Plot Summary
  This is a dramatization of a true story. The film covers the third of thirteen Nuremberg trials. Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy) is the American presiding jurist, an insightful, inquisitive man whose integrity is beyond reproach. Col. Lawson (Richard Widmark) is the prosecutor, an American obsessed with finding somebody accountable for the evils of the past Nazi regime. Hans Rolfe (Maximilian Schell) is the passionate defense attorney. Among the defendants are embittered German legal scholar Janning (Burt Lancaster) and unrepentant Nazi Emil Hahn (Werner Klemperer). Marlene Dietrich plays the proud widow of an executed Nazi officer.
  Captain Harrison Byers is the aide to Judge Dan Haywood.
The Outer Limits (1964) (TV) - Starring as Col./Brig. Gen. Jeff Barton in "Cold Hands, Warm Heart"
Plot Summary
  The TV show started with the screen going black and then wavy lines appearing etc. Then you would hear the narrator start saying, "There is nothing wrong with your television set..... Much like The Twilight Zone, it was more focused on hard science fiction than fantasy and was a full hour each.

  In this episode, astronaut, Jeff Barton returns from a successful orbit of the planet Venus. Unexpected changes begin to occur in him which drastically affect his appearance and personality. In a dream, he has an encounter with a Venus creature he is beginning to resemble. If he recovers in time to testify convincingly to the Senate Committee, he'll write a new chapter of Man's history in space.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964) (TV) - Starring as Michael Donfield in "The Project Strigas Affair"
Plot Summary
  The TV Series originally ran from 1964-1968. It was about two agents of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement, who fight evil and have a never ending assortment of gadgets.

  In this episode Napoleon Solo must find a way to bring down a diplomat who is trying to spark US/USSR tensions.
- Leonard Nimoy also guest starred in this episode.
The Defenders (1961-1965) (TV) - Starring as Assistant D.A. Earl Rhodes in "Whipping Boy" and as Gil Rawson in "The Uncivil War" and as Cliff Sellers in "The Cruel Hook" and as Charles Terranova in "The Invisible Badge"and as Jim McCleery in "Killer Instinct"
Plot Summary
  An American television series whih was a courtroom drama. It starred E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as a father-and-son legal team who specialised in defending hopeless cases.
Incubus (1965) - Starring as Marc
Plot Summary
  Kia is a succubus, luring to their final perdition men who already have sinful habits and libertine inclinations. She tires of this, it's too easy, and these souls are going to Hell anyway. She wants to match wits and charm with someone who is good. So, against the advice of her sister Amael, Kia seeks out Marc, a man who has already faced death with courage. After a night together, Kia finds that not only is Marc's goodness still intact, but she has been ravaged by love. In anger, she and Amael conjure an incubus to deal with Marc. The incubus starts with Marc's sister, Arndis.
The Fugitive (1965) (TV) - Starring as Tony Burrell in "Stranger in the Mirror"
Plot Summary
  After the murder of his wife by the one-armed man, Richard Kimble is framed, convicted and sentenced to death. But when an escape attempt by others helps him escape, Kimble runs back to find the man who murdered his wife, but the U.S. Marshals are close on his trail.
Gunsmoke (1966) (TV) - Starring as Fred Bateman in episode: "Quaker Girl"
Plot Summary
  Based on the radio series of the same name, Gunsmoke was network television's first "adult" western. The series debuted in 1955; and ran for 20 years. James Arness starred as Matt Dillon, marshal of Dodge City, Kansas. (the role was originally offered to John Wayne).
White Comanche (1968) - Starring as Johnny Moon and Notah
Plot Summary
  Also known as Comanche blanco, this film is about the twin sons of an Indian mother and a white father that lead very different lives. One leads a band of renegade Comanches, and the other lives among the people of his father. A violent range-war brings them together, pitched in bloody battle.
- Johnny Moon and Notah are the twin sons of the Indian mother and white father.
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