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Funny Bios Deck - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  Star Trek character biography of Jadzia Dax from DS9. A humorous description of the Lieutenant from Deep Space Nine.
  Most of the character names have been changed to protect the innocent, us. If you need help with the changes you can view the Glossary HERE!


Star Trek Fun Bio for Hazbiga Rax
Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine) - Jadzia Dax
Home region:
Prime Hooters
Starfeel Academy on an over inflated scholarship grant
Marital status:
Single, but longing to have Wart, and maybe some little warts

  The biography of  Hazbiga Rax has to take two parts; one for each bra cup. The silicone "Rax" which is around 300 years old and has had a number of injections over the years to keep soft and supple, and that of  the humanoid Thrill woman, Hazbiga. The silicone has a colorful history, having been touched by no less than seven other hands including a mouth. The host before Hazbiga was Curseno Rax, a not-so great mother figure of  Binjamin Disko in his youth.

  Hazbiga Rax was a very, very, attractive and big uh, eyed young woman, who didn't have to work very hard to get laid for the Thrill joining program. She was thrown out of  the program after a poor report from Curseno Rax during the initiate assessment, because of  mammoral jealousy. She was then reinserted into the program because of  unprecedented size, and finally became the host to Rax when Curseno Rax dried up.





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