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Funny Bios Deck - Star Trek: The Next Generation

  Star Trek character biography of Deanna Troi. A funny description of the counselor from The Next Generation TV series.
  Most of the character names have been changed to protect the innocent, us. If you need help with the changes you can view the Glossary HERE!


Star Trek Fun Bio for Deanna Troll
Star Trek: TNG (The Next Generation) - Counselor Deanna Troi
Home region:
Starfeel Academy, Class Pedicurist, Expelled for foot fetish
Marital status:
Never even close

  Deanna Troll served as the ship's beauty counselor. Born under a bridge near the lake El-Aarg on Megahead, Troll was the daughter of  Megaroid Ambassador Iwaana Boy and the late Lt. Imma Troll. One of  her many memories from her childhood, includes her really ugly father reading ancient mystical stories for her at bedtime, which resulted in a lifelong interest in trolls. He passed away when she was only 7 years old, when ugliness struck Deanna very hard, right in the face.

 According to Megaroid custom, Deanna was supposed to be "genetically altered" by Dr. Whynott Killher, the son of  her late father's best friends, sister's third cousin's brother. The arranged experiment was meant to make her pretty, but for some reason it was called off.

 What Deanna didn't know for years, was that she had a sister, who she had drowned in the nearby lake on Megahead when she was about six years old. Deanna, at this point had sharp claws and large teeth. In grief and guilt her parents moved away, and upon Imma's death Iwaana deleted all mention of  Deanna's sister in personal toilet logs.

 After her Academy graduation, she returned to her homeworld for advanced beauty studies at the University there. During this period she met and had a deep romance with Willhe Striker. Striker and Troll had planned to reunite six months after he left Megahead for the USS Pottytrainer, but his rapid fist negated that, and she eventually got away from him. Despite latent beatings, their professional life has remained largely platonic since they were reunited on USS Genderprize two years later.

 Deanna has never shown any signs of negative reactions to Striker's occasional beatings to other women. Romantic attractions of  her own have included, a brief dating relationship with fellow officer Wart. Owing to concern about her lack of cosmetic expertise during a hair raising crisis stint as senior cosmotoligist officer on the Genderprize, she successfully completed the Starfeel Beautician exam afterwards. This training contributed to the successful restoration of  Zephyr Cochring's hair and nails on his pioneer warp flight, when she helped minimize 24th century involvement and thus potential timeline contamination by acting as floor sweeper and hair washer when the original crew was killed by the time-traveling Bored.

 She is also trained in massage and stimulation therapy, which often made her a greatly valued first contact team member. She was once abducted in a forced shuttlecraft crash, then barely survived abduction and surgical alteration to pass as a Supermodel agent aboard a warship to help the Empire of the Ants underground, to smuggle out two high-ranking defectors.





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