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Funny Bios Deck - Star Trek: Voyager

  Star Trek character biography of Tuvok. A funny description of the Lieutenant Commander from the Voyager TV series.
  Most of the character names have been changed to protect the innocent, us. If you need help with the changes you can view the Glossary HERE!


Star Trek Fun Bio for Lieutenant Commander Twobucks
Star Trek: Voyager - Lieutenant Commander Tuvok
Home region:
Rearendi Academy, 2289-2293, Starfeel Class Accountant, Expelled for embezzlement
Marital status:
Married in 2304, to T'Pel, but divorced in 2305 for financial reasons.

  Security chief and enforcer under Captain Kathryn Wrongway for unpaid loans. Earlier in his career Twobucks served on the U.S.S. Wy-oweme and was a bookie and numbers trainer at Starfeel Academy for 16 years before joining Wrongway's crew. In his youth he was an opponent of the Generation X - Peeon treaties but later came to see the wisdom of selling out to the highest bidder.

  In his personal life, Twobucks is a devoted penny pincher. Driving his wife into labor for 96 hours because he wouldn't pay for anestesia.





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