A funny Star Trek comedy picture of Scotty as Santa Claus in this humor pic, original series parody and Federation comedy photo.

Funny Star Trek Picture 15

  Scotty as Santa Claus. Is it really that far of a stretch. Take a trek and imagine it with us.

  • Scotty:  I donut think we'll deliver these presents on time Rudolph. The sled is breaking up, and the view from here is crrrrrappy.
  • Rudolph: Well then, you'd better put up your shields, because I had cabbage for supper, and there's more turbulence coming.
  • Scotty: Ho, ho, hold yer horsies. I can fix yer fumin' in two hours.
  • Rudolph: I need it fixed in 10 seconds, or the gases will affect our stabilization, and we'll spiral into as yet another dimension, or portal, black hole, worm hole, slipstream warp, or phase variance. Something like that.
  • Scotty: Hey! You rattle on almost as long as the Captain. While you were yappin', I found a bottle of Beano.

Yeah. We're pretty twisted.