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  Star Trek funny character biographies glossary including the tv shows and movies. these are humorous faked bios. Go to the main menu to return.

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All-Lez, AlaskaOriginal Name: Valdez, Alaska
- It's an actual place

Boozer PrimeOriginal Name:
Bored StateOriginal Name: Borg Collective
- The most memorable villians in Star Trek. If we need to explain it any further, then you must be looking for a Star Wars Website.

Dikhard's Natural HardonOriginal Name: Picard's Natural Heart
-Picard was stabbed through the heart, over a game of dom-jot, by a Nausican

Feltya QuadrantOriginal Name: Delta Quadrant
-Another part of our galaxy, that we won't see in our lifetimes.
Fingerin"Original Name: Finnegan
-An old friend of  James T. Kirk

GenderprizeOriginal Name: Enterprise
-The big machine thing they travel around space in.
Generation XOriginal Name: Federation
-The big gang of  thugs that rule our galaxy.
Genital Enhancing DeviceOriginal Name: Genesis
G-StringOriginal Name:

HumungansOriginal Name: Romulans

Khan'tOriginal Name: Khan
- It's close enough that it should be obvious. Unless you khan't fathom it.
Kittylitter outhouseOriginal Name: Kitimer outpost

LardassiansOriginal Name: Cardassians
- A warlike race, introduced in DS9.
LezOriginal Name: Kess
- The short haired blonde girl that Neelix liked. Until she split. She often helped out the doctor.

MegaheadOriginal Name: Betazed
- Homeworld of  Deanna Troi
MockOriginal Name: Maquis
- A rebel force.

Nicefrom FarOriginal Name: Tasha Yar
-Bing Crosby's niece. Played security officer on TNG for awhile before Worf.
NomanOriginal Name: Nomad
- An alien computer, with great powers, was accidentally beamed aboard the Enterprise, in the original series

Omyitsgone Beta science colonyOriginal Name: omicron Theta science colony
outhouseOriginal Name: Outpost

PagerOriginal Name: Bajor
A race of spiritual people whose home planet Bajor was until recently occupied by the Cardassians
PeeonOriginal Name: Klingon
- Worf's homeworld. Or one of  the warlike race themselves.
P'erOriginal Name: V'ger
-V'ger is the name the voyager probe gave itself, in the first Star Trek Movie

QueerOriginal Name: Q
-The omnipotent dudes that need to be spanked.

RearendiOriginal Name: Ferengi
-Those little weasly, big eared, wanna be, Bill Gates's.

The ClapOriginal Name:
The SexesOriginal Name: The Nexus
-A ribbon of pure energy, that travels the universe. When inside, life is bliss, and happy.
Tyson SphEAROriginal Name: Dyson Sphear
-The spelling could be wrong, but it's round for sure.
TincanOriginal Name: Vulcan
-Homeworld of the Vulcan race

USS AirhedOriginal Name:
USS FaagutOriginal Name:
USS PorngazerOriginal Name: USS Stargazer
USS UnreliableOriginal Name: USS Reliant
U.S.S. VoyeurOriginal Name: U.S.S. Voyager
- Watch the series, you can't miss the ship.
U.S.S. Wy-owemeOriginal Name: U.S.S. Wyoming
Utoke Plant shipyardsOriginal Name: Utopia Planetia

VoyeurOriginal Name: Voyager
- The starship that was stuck in the delta Quadrant. You know, the one with 7 of  9. Oh and in my opinion, the best Trek ever. So far?

Whittier Than You Peace AccordOriginal Name: The Whitimer Peace Accord




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